WWF 12m*12m*5cm used wrestling mats with cover

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The FILA wrestling mats is non-slip, anti-static, easy to clean.

Size: 12m*12m


Cover: Environmentally PVC cloth

Inner mats: XPE material in size of 2m*1m

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Use special leather PVC surface for judo competition mat, wrestling mat, non-slip wrestling mat leather cloth
Our professional wrestling mat approved by the International Wrestling Federation has a 9-meter-diameter circle on the mat and a 1-meter-wide red zone along the 9-meter circle. This area is also an integral part of the competition area. The outside of the circle is surrounded by a 1.5-meter-wide edge zone of the same thickness.
The center circle is the center of the wrestling mat (1 meter in diameter), the red area is the center competition area (7 meters in diameter), the red area (1 meter wide), and the protection area (1.5 meters wide).
The center circle must be drawn in the center of the mat, with a diameter of 1 meter; the width of the side line of the center circle is 10 cm
In order to prevent infection, the wrestling mat must be cleaned and disinfected before each unit of competition. If the surface of the wrestling mat is covered with a smooth, neat, and non-corrosive cover sheet, the cover sheet must also be cleaned and disinfected in the same way.

The wrestling mat is often used for professional competitions and usual wrestling training. Its international standard size is 12m*12m, of course, we can also customize it according to your venue, such as 10m*10m, 8m*8m, etc. The wrestling mat is composed of a wrestling cover and an inner XPE mat. The size of each inner mat is 2m*1m. The wrestling mat cover is made of PVC leather, and printed with standard competition in 3colors. It also can be customized according to customer requirements .

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