custom 8m*8m*5cm 6cm XPE PE wrestling mat

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The WWF Pro wrestling mats : Environmental , non-slip, anti-wear and anti-static, also easy to clean.

Size: 12m*12m


Cover: Environmentally PVC cloth

Inner mats: XPE material in size of 2m*1m

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The wrestling cover : we use special leather PVC surface for judo competition mat, wrestling mat, non-slip wrestling mat leather cloth
Inner mats: the inner core mats is composed of high-density cross foam and vinyl materials, called XPE.

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In addition, it has the following characteristics:
Environmental protection, because the main other contained in the material is nitrogen, which is non-toxic to human body and non-polluting to the atmosphere. It is a world-recognized environmentally friendly material
Thermal insulation: Because its internal organization is a closed-cell structure, the thermal conductivity is: 0.03-0.04KCAL/M/H. C
Moisture resistance: XPE is both a heat-insulating layer and a moisture-proof layer, and does not absorb water. Even if the surface is damaged locally, it will not affect the overall heat insulation and moisture-proof effect
Stability: The physical and chemical properties of the polyethylene cross-linked foam material are particularly stable, anti-corrosion, low temperature resistance, anti-aging, and will not deform after long-term use.

So our wrestling mats is high elasticity , waterproof , good feeling, and can use for competition .

Product Warranty

The wrestling mats is built to endure. we stands behind our products with more than 8-Year Warranty for quality, workmanship and dependability. and Our mats meet Standards for martial arts mats.

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