13ft*13ft customized ring boxing with logo printed

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Size : 13ft*13ft

Design: elevated , platform :50cm , can be customized

Material: thicken metal frame, eva foam mats, canvas cover, pvc cover, sponge corner pads…. 

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The customized boxing ring , logo printed in free. If you want print your logo on the boxing ring, you can send me your logo design first,then we will make a design picture on the computer and then send it to you to confirm, after confirmed no problem, then we will start the producing.

Logo on the canvas cover, on the corner pads, on the ropes, on the platform skirt , are ok.

About the ring’s cover, there are 2 materials, one is Canvas fabric, the other one is PVC .

The four corners of the stage have uprights fixed to the corners of the stage, and soft pads five to seven centimeters thick and twenty centimeters wide are placed at the four corners. There are 4ropes on each side of the boxing ring, which are pulled out from the fixed vertical poles at the four corners. There should be at least 50 cm of outer surface outside the ropes of the boxing ring to ensure that trainers do not fall off the ring. In order to make the rope more stable, the surrounding ropes must be fixed up and down with two canvases with a tight texture and a width of three to four centimeters at the same distance. Four ropes can also be used for the ropes of the boxing ring, and the heights of each rope from the table are 4.6 cm, 71.1 cm, 10.6 cm and 132.1 cm respectively. . The rope around the boxing ring should be strong and strong, and generally use a thick rope with a diameter of three to five centimeters.

Accessories of the boxing ring;

Metal frame, thicken one, we use the metal tube in 80/100mm

4 Corner pads: PU leather with sponge foam inside

4 ropes: PU rope covers with steel cables rope inside , can custom logo on the PU cover

2 ladders ;   

2 stairs

16 turnbuckles

The competition area size for the 13ft*13ft ring: 10.24 square meters .

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