Flexi Vinyl XPE foam grappling roll out mats

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The Vinyl flooring flexi roll mats has many special features, especially in shock absorption and the better elasticity .

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★Length : can be customized until 25 meters long
★Width: leather PVC surface 1.5m wide
★Density : 40kg/m3
★Color: gray, blue,white,yellow,red,black,etc...
★Logo printing: Custom logo printing accepted
★Surface pattern: Smooth ,Diamond, Tatami, carpet

Product Details

The BJJ used Vinyl flexi rolling out anti-slip home smooth mats, it has better sound insulation, Its delicate vertical air holes can effectively reduce energy exchange, and can block sound, sound wave transmission caused by impact, XPE roll pad, combat sports roll pad, and achieve the effect of mute and sound insulation from the surface.
The sound insulation and shock absorption layer is made of a kind of high-density glued polyethylene foam with a thickness of 5-11mm through nanotechnology. It has a particularly good sound blocking effect on the impact sound in the entire frequency range, and can completely isolate the impact noise and airborne noise.
This foam is a high-density foam. Its perforation rate and pore size are specially designed, which can achieve sound insulation, shock absorption, water resistance, and mildew resistance, and is suitable for various humid environments. So it can protect the human body very well.
Because XPE has good formability, strong heat resistance, good ductility, uniform specifications and density, it can realize the forming of deep parts such as vacuum forming and thermoforming, so it can be used for the production of XPE rolling mats for jiu-jitsu sports rollout mats.
Because of the strong cushioning: Vinyl's semi-rigid foam material does not lose its reducibility after strong impact, so it can be used to be processed into a fighting roll mats. It also creates the fighting roll mats have excellent elasticity.
Connections of the rolling mats: Hooks&Loops ,which is Velcro seamless connect.

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