270kg/m3 density IJF Standard judo mats 2m x1mx4cm

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Eco-friendly enough ,comfortable and durable, bright clean color printing and without fading

Size: 8m*8m

Thickness: 5cm

Cover: Environmentally PVC cloth

Inner mats: XPE foam size:1m*2m

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Product description

Professional accepted leather PVC surface for wrestling competition mat
About the freestyle wrestle mats, it is double-sided coating, nylon core leather, washable, heat-sealed, seamless. It can be used as training type and competition type wrestling mat. About the workcraft, we adopt double thread sewing in wrestling cover cloth, nice quality of ink sprayed printing, no peculiar smell, also wrestling mat cover is easy to clean or care, no fading color.

product features

PVC is actually a vinyl polymer material, and its material is a non-crystalline material. The characteristics of PVC are: inertness, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability. And PVC is also highly resistant to chemicals, reducing agents and strong acids. The PVC material approved by the International Wrestling Federation , and pvc leather has a service life of more than 10 years, but human factors are except.

product application

The wrestling mat can be used to make sponge bags, gymnastics mats, judo mats, sanda mats, and fitness mats. The product features a flat surface and uniform hardness. The structure is reasonable, the integrity is strong, the softness and hardness are suitable, and keep a long time t use without changing shape. It overcomes the characteristics of sinking, flanging and deformation of PE products, after a long time use.

Product advantage

The back adopts special anti-skid treatment, which has strong ground adhesion power, excellent anti-slip performance, better wear-resistance , color not fades after the long time body friction.
For the freestyle wrestling mats, we are a manufacture so we can offer high quality and lower price, accept more customized size according to customer requirements, free printing of the patterns provided by customers . Fast delivery and thoughtful services will exceed your thoughts.

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