60mm Wrestling Mat Judo Jiu Jitsu Wrestling Mat

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Lightweight xpe foam wrestling mat


The wrestling mats is foldable for easy storage/mobility

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Jiechuang Wrestling Mats are institutional-grade cushion mats offering protection and safety from hard floors for wrestlers during practices and meets. Our wrestling mats are manufactured with high quality XPE/PE foam,which give you a long-lasting and durable surface providing the look, feel, and durability of a traditional wrestling mat surface, ideal for high schools, universities and conform to the US wrestling competition standards. wrestling mat , bjj matsestling mat , bjj mats
The poly-vinyl coating completely covers all surfaces and sides of the wrestling mats,easy to clean and disinfect. This cover is rot-, mildew- and stain-resistant and water-tight to prevent any liquids from being absorbed.

product fetures

★ Superior Shock Absortion Capacity
★ Overall Cover with Velcro (No tape needed)
★ Will Not Fade (welded cover non-painted)
★ Easy to clean and easy to assembly
★ Great Versatility for professional competitions, sports venues, communities, clubs, schools, etc.

Product Details

You can choose the wrestling mat in either the industry standard 5cm thickness or a premium 6cm thickness.

product name wrestling mat
specification 12*12m, 8*8m, can also be customized according to the venue
Material 1. Cover sheet: PVC leather + Velcro

2. Floor mat: XPE foaming

Thickness 5cm or 6cm

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