Custom Vinyl XPE foam fight rolling mats tumbling mat

Short Description:

The rolling fight mats has the characteristics of lightness, safety, easy to carry, shock absorption and better elasticity

Length : can be customized

Width: leather PVC surface 1.5m


Density : 40kg/m3

Color: gray, blue,white,yellow,red,black,etc…

Surface pattern: Smooth ,Diamond, Tatami

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Product description

Jujitsu rolling mats XPE is made of high-tear PVC leather, with a firmer thermal lamination process, seamless lap joint, beautiful looking, also sturdy and easy to install. So it replaced the traditional gluing process (which is easy to foam), and ensuring that there are nobubbles and other phenomena between the xpe materials, and between the xpe material and the PVC leather. and It is guaranteed that there will be no bubbles during the later use as well.
The back of XPE material adopts the most advanced cutting technology to achieve the level of water jet cutting, and can reduce the cost

The xpe material adopts the small foaming process, the surface is the more fine and smooth, and has the more adhesion strength than the large cells. And with Velcro stitching technology to make sure easy to install. The surface pvc leather and the bottom xpe material have got environmental protection certification, heavy metal certification, etc.

Product advantage

The cutting-edge cutting technology ensures that the sports mat can be easily rolled up and spread out without moving during the production process. It is made of strong sports foam and anti-wrestling cloth, and the XPE roll mats, coupled with precise cutting, reduces the wear of the surface. What is the use of the Vinyl roll mats to achieve the effect of extending the service life.

The XPE Vinyl rolling out tatami mats has a quiet strong elasticity, and it can quickly bounce back to its original shape the moment when it is pressed. So no matter in Boxing, Sanda, Free fighting, or Wrestling and other sports, it can well protect trainers and competitors, so as not to be injured by strong impact on the body.

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