What is the company strength of our judo tatami mats ?

We, LinYi JieChuang sports goods , are focus on the sports goods for many years. We have many more competitive advantage goods , then can offer you cheaper prices with nice quality and nice services.
Our company aim is to help our customers to enlarge their market and suggest the most popular products , or satisfy their needs if they are not wholesale business ,just for personal use. We always believe that business is a double business, it is not only for us , but also for our customers. If our customers get more markets, then we will get bigger in the business, so we should try our best to help our customers to get more business, and at the same time, we must make sure that our products are lower costs, but nice quality,then our products have the excellent competitiveness, and our customers can have the absolute advantages.

We have two factories , one is mainly doing some sports flooring mats, such as EVA Taekwondo flooring mats, Judo tatami mats, wrestling mats, XPE roll out mats, BJJ mats, Sanda mats, gym flooring mats, wall padding and other martial arts mats …, the other factory , we mainly produce some boxing products, like boxing ring, mma cage, wrestling ring, octagon cage, punching bags, heavy duty bags, boxing gloves, boxing equipments, headgears, foot protectors, karate uniforms….

Today I want to say something about our Judo tatami mats: 新 4
For the Judo mats, normally the standard size is : 2m*1m , the base foam is compressed sponge ,with the judo tatami leather as surface. Refer to the compressed sponge foam, there are different densities, such as 190kgs/m3, 230kgs/m3,.. if used for judo training, then I suggest the 190kgs/m3, it is good enough for training. But if for judo competition, then it is 230kgs/m3, it can offer the softness but also the strong hardness.

Post time: Oct-16-2022