Vinyl XPE wrestling roll out mats for big promotion

For the rolling out mats , we have 2 kinds materials of it. The first one is with Vinyl surface with XPE foam , some clients named it PVC leather, normally its width is 1.5m , and if no special requirements, we make its length in 4m,but we accept its customization, fox example, if you like the length in 8.5m, it’s ok. And if you want its width is in 1.1m , it is still no problem. Normally the Vinyl surface has three different patterns, such as Diamond surface , Tatami surface, and Smooth surface, they are all used for BJJ, wrestling, judo, aikido, karate….and others.
But if you want it is used for Gymnastics or cheerleading, we offer that you can choose the different material one, it is carpet surface. We named it carpet surface, because its surface touches like a carpet. And it is widely used for kinds of gymnastics and cheerleadings.

For both of these 2 surfaces roll out mats, it can be printed your logo as your designs. We can make a logo on each roll or on several rolls. Both of them have different thickness from 2cm to 5cm, such as 2cm,2.5cm,3cm,4cm,and 5cm.

In this March Expo month, we have a big promotion for these roll out mats, 10% cut off!
So would you like to have a try order or just have a interest to check them?
Welcome you!
We will give you a big surprise !


Post time: Mar-23-2022