The new product Standard mma cage comes!

Octagonal cage, from the name itself, is an octagonal closed cage. The UFC octagonal cage is an octagonal structure with a metal chain fence painted with black vinyl on the walls. There is no steel wire or sharp parts in the entire iron cage, which can prevent accidental injuries.


The international Commercial MMA Octagonal Fighting Cage for Competition Events, with standard size and elevated platform.
Competition Cage size; 25ft*25ft, the platform 100cm

But we accept size customized as your venue size. Such as 13ft*13ft, 16ft*16ft, 18ft*18ft,20ft*20ft,
24ft*24ft ,30ft*30ft

And about its design, there are 2 different designs, one is elevated design which means there is a platform from 30cm to 150cm; 黑红色
the other one is the flooring design which means there is no platform. 24

Accessories about the cage,
1 door,
1 ladder
1 piece the canvas cover with customized your logo
8 pieces the skirt with customized logo
8 pieces the cage panels
8 pieces metal nets
The thicken metal frame
Before the production starting, we will make the design images on the computer to send you to confirm after we received your logo design or draft. After Confirmed, then we begin producing.
UFC cages Octagonal cages are octagonal for several reasons as below:
1. The original UFC bout was envisioned as a way to match styles with each other and figure out which techniques were the best; and since the angles of the octagon were wider than those of a boxy ring, it was impossible for fighters to get stuck in In a corner with no way out.
2. Boxer fighters can also use the Octagon to their advantage. For example, it is very different for Randy Couture to pin his opponent to the cage wall when he is knocking him to the ground or standing. Chuck Liddell, on the other hand, is known for using cages to prevent demolition attempts. In short, the UFC ring is octagonal because it was designed with the fighter’s safety in mind while providing a good view for the audience.
3. The reason why the octagonal cage is closed is mainly because it wants to promote a fighting spirit that is brave and never escapes.

Post time: Apr-15-2022