The hot selling competition Taekwondo flooring mats in China

The standard Taekwondo competition is a 10m x 10m flooring mat field on which athletes compete. And the Taekwondo competitions mainly use the size of 100cm long, 100cm wide , for the thickness, 2.0cm is training standard, 2.5cm is competition standard and 3.0cm is thicken type respectively.
And the taekwondo competition mat is with interlocking design, when install it, just put them together straightly by the interlocking, and press them down, then they connected tightly, and the installing is finished. Each taekwondo flooring mat with 4 pcs edges, after finishing the installing, in order to protect the mats, we should install the edges on the outside.
Refer to the pattern of the EVA taekwondo mats, normally is “T-pattern and Five stripes pattern” ,for in these patterns, the surface performs well in anti-slip, and when in training or competition, the mats will not run away, then can protect the trainers or athelets well. About the colors of the mat, the most popular is red and blue, other choices are yellow and blue, red and black, yellow and black, grey and black…
During the competition , the athletes should wear taekwondo uniforms or karate uniforms, belts, headgears or helmets to protect their heads, and still need to wear the protective gears such as chest guard protector, shin guard, and others. The taekwondo uniforms include training uniforms or competition uniforms , and at the same time there are for adults or for kids.
After finishing the taekwondo competition , we need to clean the flooring mats, I suggest that we can use the wet cloth or wet mop or wash them under the water pipe. Because the taekwondo mats is made of EVA foam , and the EVA foam is water-proof, moisture-proof, so the taekwondo flooring mats is water-proof. Finishing the cleaning, just let them there , keep them 20 mins, then they return new again.

Post time: May-27-2022