The most popular Taekwondo flooring mats from China


Discover the most popular EVA foam Taekwondo flooring mats , after you received the goods ,then you will find it is nice quality!

About the EVA Taekwondo flooring mats, it can be used wisely in different venues, such as Training Academy school, Martial arts School , Gym, home, Karate training center, Judo training .
The taekwondo mat is made of EVA plastic particles and pigments (color masterbatch) foamed at high temperature. The biggest feature is that the pores are small, the elasticity is large, and it has good buffering and shockproof effects, which can protect the practitioners.hardness
Its surface adopts a variety of patterns and has anti-slip effect.Taekwondo mats have different patterns, such as T-shaped , wooden, 5 stripes, back-shaped pattern, etc.The deeper and rougher the pattern, the higher the friction, and the better the anti-skid performance.质感
The high elasticity of the taekwondo mat proves its high toughness, not easy to break, and durable for a long time.
The taekwondo mat requirements for international competitions:
1.The thickenss is 2.5cm.
2.The taekwondo mats must ensure the effect of waterproof, moisture-proof, heat preservation and cold proof.
3. Excellent sound insulation
4.The pattern texture should be clear, the color is bright, the friction force is strong, and the anti-skid performance is good.
5. Each taekwondo mats come with four side edges need to be seamlessly spliced to ensure safety


Post time: Apr-02-2022